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You may have to face the brunt of not pre-validating your bank account, your income tax refund may get stuck


new Delhi : Income tax department ie Income Tax department has issued tax refund of 71000 crores to more than 21 lakh taxpayers between 8th April to 11th July. If you too were hoping that you will get refund during this time and till now If you have not received your refund, there can be many reasons and you can be responsible for some of them. That is why today I will tell you some reasons which cause delay in getting refund

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Not responding to the income tax department’s email – Officials working in the IT department say that when taxpayers do not respond to emails sent from the Income Tax Department, then their refund gets stuck. In an email sent by the department, the taxpayer asked for their dues Information about any difference in bank account and refund is sought and when this information does not reach the department, they do not process the refund. So if your return is not returned yet, you can check Can you make this mistake somewhere?

The second biggest reason for not getting refund is non-prevalidation of bank account- Income tax refund is stuck even if taxpayers do not prevalidate the bank account in which the income tax refund has to come, that is why the income tax refund gets stuck even if you want to get your refund on time. Make sure the account is verified because after filing the tax return, whatever returns will be generated will be sent to the same account through the Income Tax Department Centralized Processing Center.

Not Verifying Return (ITR) –Many times that people fill their Income Tax Return on time but they do not verify their return till you verify it, your return is not processed, hence there is a delay in getting refund.

Income tax return usually takes 2 to 3 months in Refund money, but if you are taking more time than anyone, then you can see these reasons that your return is finally Why did not you come and even if you want to check the status of your refund refundstatuslogin.html Can take this information

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