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Workers will not return to the city before Deepawali and Chhath Puja, industries will be able to work at half capacity


The government may be slowly starting to open a lockdown, but the industries are still neither entitled to work at full capacity nor are they getting laborers. Representatives of the industry believe that it is certain to take at least six months for the production to return to normal, given the current situation. Sushma Morthania, General Secretary of India SME Forum, told a conversation with Hindustan that the industry is currently under production due to lack of demand. He said that as per the rules of lockdown, work is still going on at very low capacity, even if the situation is normal in the coming days, the workers’ crisis is not likely to start working at full capacity at the moment.

Will have to depend on local laborers

According to Sushma, the laborers who have returned to the village from the cities will no longer begin their approach to return to the cities before Deepawali and Chhath Puja. In such a situation, by November-December, the industry will have to start factories with half or 75% production. For this, you will have to depend on local laborers. If the trader starts production on 100% capacity, then there is an increased possibility of his goods getting stuck. Because neither the demand in the country is increasing as before nor the supply chain is fit to start the export effectively.

Many industries are already sluggish due to labor difficulties

Apart from this, TS Ahluwalia, president of the Northern India Shippers Association and associated with the work of exports, told Hindustan that due to the lack of domestic and foreign demand, it is our suggestion to businessmen that they do not work at full capacity. He said that many industries are already lying sluggish due to laborers’ difficulties, where the work is going on wherever there is a long time due to lockdown restrictions and sanitizing tools. Out of the total working hours of the day, 25-30 per cent of the time is spent in these works, due to which the production has started to be badly affected.

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