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Withdrawing money from ICICI Bank will be expensive from August 01, surcharge will have to be paid for withdrawing money beyond the limit


New Delhi. Recently, after changes in the transaction rules by State Bank of India (SBI), now ICICI Bank has also made up its mind to withdraw money from the pockets of its customers. Withdrawing money from ICICI Bank ATM and withdrawing cash is going to be expensive from August 01, 2021. Not only this, the rules of check book are also going to change. ICICI provides 4 free transaction service to its customers. You will have to pay a charge after 4 withdrawals.

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These rules will be considered effective from 01 August 2021

1. From August 1, ICICI Bank customers can withdraw up to Rs 1 lakh per day from their home branch.

2. Withdrawals above this will attract a surcharge of Rs 5 per 1,000.

3. There is no charge for cash withdrawal up to Rs 25,000 per day for withdrawing money from branches other than the home branch. After that a surcharge of Rs 5 will have to be paid for withdrawing Rs 1000.

4. 25 page check book will be free. After this, you will have to pay Rs 20 per 10 pages for an additional check book.

5. According to the bank’s website, ATM interchange transactions will also be charged. The first 3 transactions will be free at 6 metro locations in a month. First 5 transactions in a month at all other locations will be free. Customers will have to pay Rs 20 per financial transaction and Rs 8.50 per non-financial transaction.

2 days ago ICICI gave advice to customers about this

Two days ago i.e. on July 4, 2021, ICICI Bank had issued an alert to protect customers from similar banking frauds. The bank, through its official Twitter handle, had specifically cautioned customers against SIM swapping by cyber thugs. According to the bank, by issuing a new SIM from your registered number, cyber thugs get information about all financial transactions and OTP etc. In this way money can be easily withdrawn from anyone’s account. ICICI has told its customers that if there is no signal in your phone for a long time while using mobile banking, then it is necessary to contact the mobile network operator. There is a need to be alert even when extraordinary messages or unknown alerts come.

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