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Wholesale inflation reaches 7-month high before festive season


new Delhi. Higher food prices, primary articles and higher prices of manufactured goods have intensified India’s wholesale inflation. Surprisingly, the festive season is going to start in the coming days. As a result, the annual rate of inflation based on wholesale prices rose to 1.32 per cent in September from 0.16 per cent in August. According to these figures, wholesale inflation has reached a 7-month high in the country. On a year-on-year basis, the wholesale price index data released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry increased only 0.33 per cent over the same period last year.

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These figures were also released
– The Primary Articles WPI based index stood at 150.3 in September and the annual inflation rate was 5.10 percent.
– The index stood at 146.3 in August and the inflation rate was 1.60 percent.
– Fuel and power WPI-based index stood at 91 percent in September and annual inflation rate at -9.54 percent.
– In August, the index stood at 91.4 percent and inflation was -9.68 percent.
– Manufactured excise rate stood at 119.8 per cent in September and the annual inflation rate was 1.61 per cent.
In August, the index stood at 119.3 and inflation was 1.27.
In the month of September, the Food Index WPI based index stood at 157.6 percent and the annual inflation rate was 6.92 percent.
– Food index WPI index was at 153.3 in August and inflation was 4.07 percent.

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Rise in retail inflation
India’s sequential retail price inflation has increased in September compared to August. It was 6.69 percent in August, which rose to 7.34 percent in September. Data released by the National Statistics Office shows that India’s consumer food price index rose to 10.68 percent in September from 9.05 percent in August 2020.

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