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Vodafone Idea and Airtel may have to pay EMI annually, know here


new Delhi. To repay the loan or loan, the general public requests the bank to get an EMI of 3000 to 7000 rupees per month. So that he can pay the money comfortably. Even in difficult times like Corona, it has become impossible to repay EMI. On the other hand, if you know about the EMI of debt of big groups and companies, then your senses will fly away. The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave the telecom companies 10 years to pay their dues. According to the media report, Vodafone Idea AGR Dues has to deposit 7500 crores with interest. That is, an installment of 625 crore rupees may be required in a month. Let us also tell you how much EMI per month of Vodafone Idea and Airtel can be.

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Vodafone Idea can have EMI
First of all, if you talk about Vodafone Idea, then the annual EMI of the company is sitting at Rs 7500 crores, with an annual interest of 8%. At the same time, if the interest is completely removed, the EMI of the company can be around 5000 thousand crores. Currently, AGR’s dues on Vodafone Idea are around Rs 50 thousand crore. Earlier, the company has given AGR of about Rs 7800 crore. Let us tell you that the total debt on the company is one lakh crore rupees.

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Airtel will have to pay EMI
On the other hand, in case of Airtel, Bharti Airtel will have to pay an EMI of Rs 3900 crore per annum at an annual interest rate of 8%. If you talk without interest, then the company will have to pay an annual installment of Rs 2600 for 10 years. Currently, the company has to pay AGR dues of about 26 thousand crores. AGR dues of about 16 thousand crores have been filled. Talking about the total debt on the company, it is around 90 thousand crore rupees.

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Vodafone shares rose 8 percent
Vodafone Idea shares have been seeing an upward trend since morning. The shares of the company fell by 27 per cent after the Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday. Currently, the company’s stock is trading 8.21 per cent at Rs 9.62 per share. While today the company’s stock reached a high of Rs. The company’s stock opened at Rs 9.25 and closed at Rs 8.89 on Tuesday.

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Airtel shares rise marginally
On the other hand, Airtel’s stock is seeing a slight increase of around Rs 4, due to which the company’s stock is trading at Rs 551. Whereas the company’s stock opened at Rs 552 today and also reached a high of Rs 559. While Airtel’s stock closed at around Rs 547 on Wednesday.


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