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Vanbex Labs Updates On Their Most Awaited Security Token Offering – Rocket 2.0


Vanbex Labs also was known as Etherparty. Recently Vanbex Labs has made progress on their most awaited product Rocket 2.0. This is all-in-one platform has a very user-friendly interface and it allows the companies to do their required activities without any prior technical knowledge required – like the companies can set up their Security Token Offering within few fractions of minutes. It also takes care of all the back end smart contracts concerning Security Token Offering. The other services that Rocket 2.0 provide are – Blockchain Software Development, Technical Consultation, Tokenomics Modelling, and Marketing Consultation.

Vanbex Labs is a Canadian blockchain technology company that helps the users to exchange money transparently and plausibly with good speed and accuracy by making the transactions between business and the investor, supply chain and the manager into trusted agreements by building accessible blockchain based platforms.

According to Kevin Hobbs, the CEO of Vanbex says, “As a start-up company in the blockchain space, we have learned to navigate the many ups and downs this new industry has faced. As the crypto space matures, security token offerings will become the norm as they are regulatory compliant, and we will leverage our previous success and experiences to ensure Rocket meets market demands.”

Some of the security token issuing blockchain platforms are-
This is a global platform for issuing and investing in the security tokens. They can provide all of the legal and technical support that is required to tokenize the assets which can be traded on their blockchain. They have their ST-20 token standard, and the recent partnership with tZero aims in increasing Security Token liquidity.

Is an all-in-one platform for digital securities such as funds, private equity and commercial real estate and it also tokenises private investments. Harbour uses Regulated Token (R-Token) Standard that extends the implementation to do proactive compliance checks before completing a trade.

This is also a blockchain platform which provides an end to end platform for the issuers that are seeking to tokenize the assets. Their user interface seems to be very user-friendly which has simple drag and drop options for the process of issuance of tokens and other functions.

This is another platform that provides or issues the security tokens. Also, it is a platform tokenizing private equity and other exclusive asset classes. Swarm enables the free exchange of private equity holders and non-venture capital investors in a way which has previously been difficult, if not impossible, for most.

This is also an all-in-one platform for the users seeking for security token issuing, automated post issuance token support, and interoperable token protocol exchanges.

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