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These eight companies along with Reliance sank 1.39 lakh crore rupees in US bond yield storm


New Delhi. When the bond yield data came out in the US Fed Reserve data last week, the impact of that storm could not save even the top companies of India. Due to the fall in the market, the market cap of 8 of the top ten companies in the market saw a fall of Rs 1.39 lakh crore. Reliance and HDFC have suffered the most. At the same time, the market cap of Hindustan Unilever and TCS has seen an increase. Let us tell you that the Sensex lost 933.84 points last week.

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Decrease and growth in market position of companies
– Reliance Industries’ market capitalization declined by Rs 35,976.08 crore to Rs 13,19,808.41 crore.
HDFC Bank’s market valuation declined by Rs 30,061.52 crore to Rs 8,25,024.73 crore.
– Kotak Mahindra Bank lost Rs 20,787.22 crore to Rs 3,62,953.84 crore.
– ICICI Bank’s market position declined by Rs 18,172.67 crore to Rs 4,05,561.24 crore.
– Infosys valuation declined by Rs 12,460.17 crore to Rs 5,73,104.03 crore.
– SBI’s market cap was Rs 3,31,192.33 crore with a loss of Rs 9,013.86 crore.
HDFC lost Rs 6,56,678.43 crore to a loss of Rs 6,313.77 crore.
– Bajaj Finance’s market valuation has come down from Rs 6,191.59 crore to Rs 3,28,524.59 crore.
– Hindustan Unilever’s market cap has come down from Rs 25,294.91 crore to Rs 5,43,560.03 crore.
– TCS grew by Rs. 2,348.9 crore to reach Rs. 11,33,111.91 crore.

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