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Then the rumor of Mumtaz’s death went viral, the actress said – why do people want to kill me


The false news about the popular actress Mumtaz of the 70s is once again going viral. Recently, false news of Mumtaz’s death came due to which the actress is also upset. Speaking to the Times of India, Mumtaz said about these reports, ‘I am still alive and absolutely humorous. I was glad that someone confirmed me by calling. I do not understand why someone does this. Last year too, there were reports that my family and other relatives were upset.

Mumtaz further said, ‘These days I am in London with my family. We are all locked at home because of the lockdown. But recently all my relatives were upset after hearing the false news of my death. Do not understand why people want to kill me. When the time comes, I will leave myself and my family will tell about it themselves.

Let me tell you, Mumtaz is a well-known name in the Hindi film industry. He has entertained the audience with his very successful films. He was well-liked for his dance performances. She was very popular among the audience in those days.

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Talk about the rumors going on about them, this is not the first time that false news has become viral on social media about a Bollywood actor. Earlier too, such rumors have been heard about many big personalities.

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