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The government appealed to everyone about the farmers bill, do not be misled by wrong information


new Delhi. Even though the farmer bill brought by the government passed the voice vote in the Rajya Sabha after Lok Sabha, but since this bill has come, it is being opposed in the whole country. Apart from the statements of opposition leaders, there is a lot of opposition to this bill in social media. On the other hand, from the Prime Minister of the country to the Union Minister, they are seen talking in favor of these bills. On the Twitter handle of My Government, it has been clearly stated by the government that it has asked to share any wrong information on the Internet and to avoid trusting such fake information to its friends. At the same time, the Prime Minister has also given a statement about these bills. Let us also tell you what the government has said about the farmers’ bills.

Become smart citizens
Tweeting on behalf of the government said that before sharing any wrong information on the Internet, check the correct facts. Become a smart citizen, do not be misled by misinformation spread on the Internet. He has also given four photos in this tweet. In which four myths have been given, in which the answer is given by the government. At the same time, in the second tweet, the government has said that do not let yourself and your friends be misled by misinformation spread on the Internet. Contribute to the campaign against wrong information by sharing the correct information. In this tweet too, four myths and their correct answers have been given in four photos.


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