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The decision of this foreign company gave Tata Motors a profit of around 6200 crores.


New Delhi. On 23 February, today, the share price of Tata Motors increased by more than 6%. In the last three months, the company’s share price has seen an increase of 85%. If we talk about today, the market cap of the company has exceeded one lakh crore rupees due to the increase in the shares of the company. According to experts, global research firm CLSA has seen a rise in the company’s shares due to continuing its buy call on the stock. At the same time, the company has increased the target to Rs 400 per share.

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Today the company’s shares increase
Today, the shares of the company rose by 6.56 per cent, or Rs 19.95, to close at Rs 324.10. Whereas the company’s stock opened at Rs 308 today. Which reached a day high with Rs 328.80. While reaching the day’s lowest level of 308 rupees. Let us tell you that in the last three months the share price of the company has risen by 85%.

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Company’s market cap crosses one lakh crore rupees
Tata Motors has become the third company in the group to have a market cap of over one lakh crore rupees in the stock market. After the market closed today, the market cap of the company on BSE has gone up to Rs 1,00,113.64 crore. While Titan Company has a market cap of Rs 1,26,442.94 crore. On the other hand, the second largest company in the market has become Rs 11,02,317.31 crore.

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The company’s market cap has increased by about Rs 6200 crore
At the same time, the reason for the increase in the company’s share has been the increase in the market cap of the company by Rs 6200 crore. The company had a market cap of Rs 93,951.14 crore on Monday. Today it has become 1,00,113.64 crores.


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