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Sony Financial Services Invest in Token Technology Company



  • Sony invests a significant amount in the token issuance technology provider Securitize.
  • Securitize is being backed up by companies like Coinbase, Ripple, Blockchain Capital, Santandar Bank, MUFG, SBI Holdings, and Sony has now joined the list.

Sony, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation is investing “six-figure” sum through its venture capital fund Sony Financial Ventures in token issuance technology provider Securitize.

Sony Financial Ventures has been interested in investing in the startups which have the ability to collaborate with its businesses. Last year it invested in the Berlin-based blockchain startup Bitwala that offers a platform combining the cryptocurrency wallet and trading system with a conventional bank account.The director and board member of Sony Financial Ventures, Junji Nakamura has said that “Securitize is expertly leveraging blockchain technology to create a new asset class with astonishing abilities.”

The co-founder and the CEO of Securitize Carlos Domingo, said, “We are pleased to welcome Sony Financial Ventures as a strategic investor at Securitize. This strategic investment will demonstrate Securitize as one of the most important designers of the digital capital markets, while at the same time ensuring the future of the global capital markets. [Sony Financial Ventures] has added a new name to the list of companies investing in digital securities”

Security Tokens are the latest trend in the last year with stable coins. These are blockchain-based digital units that are backed up by the real-world assets, such as the company shares, bonds, equity products etc.

Securitize is the San Fransico- based firm that has provided the technology for tokenization of more than 10 assets. There have been many companies investing in the firm and recently SBI Holdings, the Japanese firm has invested in seven figures and with Sony Financial Ventures investing in the firm the firm’s position has certainly established its presence in the Asian markets. Other companies funding Securitize include Coinbase, Ripple, Blockchain Capital, Santandar Bank, MUFG, and SBI Holdings.

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