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Save big with INJECTED EGC; Meet INJECTED EGC at the Rise Conf


Imagine a product that could help you save across your daily expenditure and purchases – valid both online and offline – translating to real-time savings throughout the year!

INJECTED EGC is an instant gratification/ savings model with an on-the-spot real time discount on the final bill for the core consumer on a daily/ weekly and yearly basis – Pan India. The range of the discounts is between 3% – 80% across 46+ categories. INJECTED EGC has also partnered with Payoye as our offline technology partners for a mobile payment platform. We believe that offline is still king in the retail consumer space in India with online retail being a miniscule 5%. INJECTED EGC aims to create a well-balanced O2O commerce solving a deep rooted consumer problem by bridging the gap between the urban and rural India, creating a balance between the offline and online ecosystem, thus carving the path towards growth.

In short – This space is a hybrid between core offline retail consumer space and the O2O commerce ecosystem.

These are two very interesting analysis that directly compliments what we are out to achieve:-

  1. As per IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) – The rural segment is growing at a healthy pace of 8-10% per annum and is expected to add $100 billion in consumption demand by 2017.
  2. Online shoppers in India are around the 20 million mark, the Smartphone holders in India are a little over 200 million.

INJECTED EGC has been refined over 30 months of consumer interaction and feedback through validated learning. During the R&D period, we got to understand and learn about the consumers’ need/ choice/ want which helped us understand the relevant Consumer and their adaptability towards sales. We have since, in 04 months of operations managed to acquire 20,000+ merchants –offline (with an acquiring rate of 1500+ merchants a month) and Lloyd electronics, Zoomcar and Baker Street for the O2O commerce platform (we will continue with such format partnerships with additional pan India merchants) via a very lean sales team. Our team is a mix of different castes, religion and social status thus bringing a balance and neutrality to the organisation, with the founder being a backbone of strategy, guidance, execution and front runner for criticism.

The validated learning process enabled us to create a high-end MVP with the consent of the consumers across all our segments, do the necessary pivots in terms of positioning and communication throughout the evolution of the product.

INJECTED EGC has one core objective – enabling mobility and creating experience towards “CONSUMER FREEDOM” without circumstances. Freedom from the limitations when it comes to choices, relevance, geographic spread or dependency on multiple circumstances. Our aim is to re-align the term Savings with reality. We strike a balance between the offline & online ecosystem and bridge the gap between Rural & Urban India, thereby creating a unique experience for the Merchant and the Consumer while generating real time savings for the consumer and business traffic for the merchant.

INJECTED EGC is currently the only business model in India that offers a unique offline
platform to the core consumer along with the O2O commerce and an alliance with Payoye (a mobile payment platform as payment technology partners). We believe, in educating and creating a transition in the movement of the Indian Consumer towards digital literacy in Rural India. We apply the formula of Offline to Online. First create mobility offline, influence consumer mentality and introduce the importance of the digital spectrum and then drive transition. This formula gives the consumer and the merchants – mobility towards consumer freedom.

Working from Ground Zero upwards (offline), INJECTED EGC initiates the introduction and real time adaptation and the need for the Offline and the O2O commerce model across the Tier II & III cities along with the periphery of Rural Towns and villages around those cities.

Offline – By building a strong offline platform, enabling mobility for the consumer, driving traffic and creating prospects for the Merchants – we enable tremendous opportunities, create value and inspiration for the consumer and the merchant. This carves the path towards the O2O spectrum which begins from ground zero and work our way up towards digital independence. This cultural change and adaptability is a need predominantly for and needs immediate addressing across Tier II and Tier III cities of India with a periphery of rural towns/ villages which is our
primary focus.

Online – The O2O commerce is an attractive segment and although online shoppers are around the 20 Million mark in India, the Smartphone holders are a little over 200 Million. This new addition not only adds a distinctive revenue channel to INJECTED EGC but is also a win-win all around claim merchants, market places and users. This applied science is workable in India.

Due to the zero monetary factor between INJECTED EGC and its Merchants, we have seen an exponential rise in participation by merchants of all calibre (Local, Small, Mid-range, Major and Pan India Brands) translating to additional services and bigger discount patterns for the consumer.

This system has carved the path for 20,000+ merchant registrations and counting Pan India. The team is now equipped to tackle any obstacle, work round the clock, is passionate and most importantly, knows the “What/How/Why” of our business and take the “Why” very seriously. We believe that with a lean team and clear vision, zeal and passion – we can achieve the objective – effortlessly.

Currently we have heavy penetration in 6 cities: Pune, Goa, Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Satara and Shirur with pockets acquired across India. We implemented the above cities to have a mix of all our targeted segments and understand the importance of creating the bridge between Urban and Rural India. Our revenue is generated by charging the consumer in both Urban and Rural India a very nominal annual fee for INJECTED EGC which is accepted Pan India across all registered merchants. This exciting platform is a testament to the potential and acceptance of this model. Post the first round of funding we will activate 06 new Tier II and Tier III cities, thus taking the total core focused cities to 12 and of course increase our foot print with Pan India merchants across all their represented cities.

A large chunk of our business strategy caters to the Tier II & III cities and their periphery – rural towns and villages. To be able to activate this strategy we need to employ and develop local talent thereby creating jobs and bring about holistic development. We envision a structured surge of employment in this space with 75% jobs being created in rural India.

To further strengthen our vision of Consumer Freedom and bring thought to reality our O2O commerce ecosystem is a step towards digital freedom. With this product, INJECTED EGC will enter uncharted territory, where a common platform exists for the rural and urban segment. INJECTED EGC Pvt Ltd is aiming for holistic development, empowerment of the rural segment which brings about a revolution.

INJECTED EGC brings in a value add prospective to the consumers’ daily expenditure and purchase needs. This Ecosystem breathes and lives for the Consumer. Hence our trademarked Punch line “Livelihood Simplified” – and our logo which is a representation of Life of a consumer from childhood to adulthood.


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