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Russia vows retaliation in case of new US sanctions


America: Departing from the White House on January 20, US President Barack Obama has taken the time to tighten the screws on Russia. In response to cyber attacks during the presidential elections, the new plan of the ban is against Russia. CBS News and CNN, citing senior officials of the Obama Administration has said.

According to media reports the new sanctions can target Russian agency and its officers. CBS News said that the White House is trying to take steps so that the next government cannot reverse it.

A senior official told the Washington Post that we intend to make all the related records public or to give information to the Congress in such a way that it becomes difficult for them to reverse. According to CNN, besides extending the restrictions already issued a diplomatic restrictions may also be imposed. Close links with the Russian government and those involved in hacking their names may be exposed.

The Obama administration believes that at the instigation Russian President Vladimir Putin cyber attacks were carried out. Obama has already ordered a probe into the matter. The investigation report is expected early next month. Although President-elect Donald Trump  have been denying role of Russia in this case. Russia has told the allegations are nonsense.

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Russia Warns America

Reacting to media reports Russia said that any move by America would be considered as retaliating and inflammatory. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that Russia would respond to any manner of “hostile steps” the US decides to undertake. “It concerns any actions against the Russian diplomatic missions in the US which will immediately ricochet the American diplomats in Russia,” she added.

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