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Ripple Price INR – XRP to INR Price & Prediction 2018


What is Ripple? Ripple Price Prediction 2018

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The ripple coin which is garnering lots of attention in the cryptocurrency world and just like the other types of the cryptocurrencies, it is also utilising the blockchain technology. But unlike different kinds of cryptocurrencies, it is regulating and facilitating the fund transfers for the banks. The best thing about ripple is that it is an open source and global exchange and the consumers can access it and use it from anywhere. It has also seen an upliftment of 4000% within the first half of the year 2017 and presently its market cap is higher than $100 billion.

Looking at the price of this cryptocurrency, it is ever evolving, and currently, it is experiencing quite a substantial rise against the Indian rupee as well as the biotin. Ripple is capable of performing 1500 of the transactions in one second, and this is something which is quite a significant number in comparison to the Bitcoin. The dominant technology of the Ripple is quite fast enough to replace the international payment procedures like the VISA and at the same time reduces the cost and facilitates the instant transfer.

Price of ripple in March 2018

On the first day of the month the price was INR 60.33, and later it reached to 45.31 on March 15, and towards the last day of the month, it declined to INR 33.29.

Price of ripple in February 2018

On the date of February 1, 2018, the price of Ripple was INR 61.22, and then during the middle of the month on February 12, 2018, the rate rose to INR 70.20, and it then declined towards the end of the month. On February 28, 2018, it traded at a price of INR 60.01.

Price of ripple in January 2018

During the start of the year 2018, the price of this cryptocurrency was INR 155.83, then it was INR 85.15 on January 25th, and finally, it had reached to INR 72.55 on the last day of the January month.

Price of ripple in December 2017

Towards the end of the year 2017, XRP cryptocurrency which was just started from ripple Price in INR 13.86 had reached to around INR 113.4. This was a kind of the consolidated task after the BTC correction. It was expected that in the following period, XRP to INR price would shoot up.

Price of ripple in November 2017

The price of ripple had started from INR 36.83 which later fluctuated for few of the weeks, and finally, it reached INR 48.49 per XRP to INR price. Towards the end of November month, the American Express utilised the network of the Ripple for connecting the customers of the Santander’s in Europe as well as in the U.S.A

Price of ripple in October 2017

The amount of ripple has also reached to INR 11.43, after which there was a fluctuation of the XRP to INR price according to the market trend, and traders pumped price of Ripple to INR 37.78. This upsurge in the XRP to INR price occurred due to the successful collaborations with many major banks globally.

Price of ripple in September 2017

The cost of this cryptocurrency had reached the threshold value of INR 10.80, and later it rose and got stabilised to the Ripple price in INR 11.11.At the time of this inflation, there was a stoppage of the regressive trend, and later the cost had ended at INR 11.24 which gradually reached to INR 11.43. On September 30 it rose to INR 12.83.

XRP Price Prediction 2018

Today ripple is working with many of the banks too for the incorporation of blockchain technology which is a positive sign fo the growth of XRP value. At the moment, it is the SWIFT which is facilitating the majority of the international payment transfers to the banks globally. For making any the cross-border transaction, there is a requirement to provide the SWIFT code of the bank branch.

Today ripple is actually in association with some of the leading financial institutions, It is quite hard to comment whether the ripple will be able to take the SWIFT down or not but there is no doubt that it is undoubtedly capable of breaking down the SWIFT monopoly over the international fund transfer process. Such a powerful collaboration will have a higher chance to attain a good price in future but It will take more time to reach its new all time high in 2018.

Buy Ripple in India

Currently many platforms are available to buy Ripple in India. Bitbns, Coindelta, Zebpay & Koinex are the best among the exchanges in India to buy XRP. Just Follow these simple step to buy XRP in INR.

  1. Create An Account
  2. Verify your profile with relevant documents
  3. Deposit INR using UPI
  4. Go to trade page and enter the Amount & Volume to place order
  5. You ripple will be in Exchange wallet once the order is matched.

Ripple is not illegal or neither it is regulated in India. While, RBI has recently announced that Banks or financial institution under RBI should not deal with companies or individual dealing with Virtual Currencies. With next three months the support should be withdrawn if any body under RBI is currently support such parties.

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