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PM Solar Panel Scheme: Farmers can become rich by setting solar plants in the field, earn profits by selling electricity


new Delhi. To double the income of farmers by 2022, the Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme is being run. In this, farmers can quadruple their income by installing solar panels in the fields. For this, if they want to rent their fields to solar companies. Or you can earn good profits by selling electricity generated from solar plants to companies. The scheme for farmers will be provided financial help from the government to install solar panels.

4 lakh per acre, the company will give rupees
In the Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme, farmers can rent a third of their farmland for solar panel. In return, private companies will rent them at the rate of Rs 1 lakh per acre. They will have to pay this rent for 25 years. Later on the completion of the period the rent of the farm will increase. Now the company will have to pay Rs 4 lakh per acre to the farmers to get electricity.

Benefits of the scheme
1. Under the Solar Panel Scheme, private companies will give one lakh rupees per acre as rent to the farmers. From the 25th year onwards, the rent of an acre farm will be Rs 4 lakh.

2. The farmer will not have to spend any money in installing solar panels. On PPP model, private companies will charge it at their own cost.

3.Solar panels shall be mounted at a height of 3.5 meters from the ground. So that farmers do not have difficulty in farming there.

4. On giving one acre of space, farmers will get 1000 units of free electricity. Also, if excess power is generated, they can also sell it to the company or the government.

Get benefits from registration
Apart from ordinary farmers, people whose land is barren can benefit from the solar panel scheme. In such a situation, they can rent their vacant land for solar panels. This will increase their income. They can make electricity with solar energy by putting solar panels on the ground. They can earn money every month by selling it to various government and non-government power companies. Six acres of land is required to set up a one MW solar plant. With this, 13 lakh units of electricity can be produced. Farmers can earn good profits by selling it. To take advantage of the scheme, farmers will have to register under the Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme (Kusum Scheme).


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