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Petrol, diesel prices today: Petrol price hiked by Rs 95 per liter in Mumbai for sixth consecutive day


Petrol Diesel Prices: Petrol-diesel prices increased for the sixth consecutive day.

Special things

  • Petrol and diesel prices increased for the sixth consecutive day
  • Petrol 29 and diesel 34 paise expensive
  • Petrol crosses Rs 90 in three metro cities

New Delhi:

Petrol-Diesel Prices Today:Petrol and diesel Prices are constantly increasing in the country. In the midst of a continuous increase, petrol prices in the country’s financial capital Mumbai have crossed Rs 95 per liter. At the same time, petrol is being sold above Rs 88 per liter in Delhi. On Sunday, February 14, 2021, the oil marketing companies have increased the prices of petrol and diesel for the sixth consecutive day.

After Sunday’s increase, petrol prices have increased by 29 paise and diesel prices by 34 paise. After today’s change in prices, the price of petrol in Delhi has been Rs 88.73 per liter and diesel has been priced at Rs 79.06 per liter. At the same time, petrol is running in a different race in Mumbai. Petrol is being priced at Rs 95.21 per liter here. At the same time, diesel is also being sold at Rs 86.04 per liter.

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If you talk about other metro cities, even in Kolkata, Petol is going beyond 90. Here petrol is Rs 90.01 per liter and diesel prices are also Rs 82.65 per liter. Petrol in Chennai is being sold at Rs 90.96 per liter and diesel is priced at Rs 84.16 per liter.

Let us know that the prices of petrol and diesel are revised everyday in the country. Their prices are determined according to the international crude price and foreign exchange rates. Every day at six in the morning new prices are applied in the country.

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