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Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol-diesel prices increased again today, in many cities of Rajasthan and MP, petrol is close to Rs 110


New Delhi. Petrol and diesel prices have been increased again today by the state-owned oil companies. On Thursday, the price of diesel has increased by a maximum of 7 paise, while the price of petrol has also increased by 26 paise. Due to the continuous increase in prices, petrol has hit a century in nine states of the country.

In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the price of petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter. In metros Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, petrol has already crossed the 100 mark. In some cities like Bhopal, Jaipur, Sriganganagar, Anuppur, Rewa, the price of petrol has reached very close to Rs 110 a liter. At the same time, after Bengaluru, now Bihar’s capital Patna and Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram are on the verge of being included in the list of state capitals where petrol has crossed the 100 mark.

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Petrol in Delhi 97.76 and in Mumbai Rs 103.89

On Thursday, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 97.76 while the price of diesel is Rs 88.30 per liter. The price of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 103.89 and the price of diesel is Rs 95.79 per litre. Petrol and diesel prices across the country reached new highs on Wednesday after increasing vehicle fuel prices for the 30th time in a month.

Know how much is the price in major metros

Petrol in Delhi today Rs 97.76 and diesel Rs 88.30 per liter

Petrol in Mumbai today Rs 103.89 and diesel Rs 95.79 per liter

Petrol in Kolkata today Rs 97.63 and diesel Rs 91.15 per liter

Petrol in Chennai today Rs 98.88 and diesel Rs 92.89 per liter

Petrol in Sriganganagar today Rs 108.94 and diesel Rs 101.48 per liter

Petrol in Patna Rs 99.80 and diesel Rs 93.63 per liter

Petrol in Anuppur today Rs 108.56 and diesel Rs 99.39 per liter

Petrol in Rewa today Rs 108.2 and diesel Rs 99.05 per liter

Petrol in Lucknow today Rs 94.95 and diesel Rs 88.71 per liter

Petrol in Chandigarh today Rs 94.02 and diesel Rs 87.94 per liter

Petrol in Ranchi Rs 93.55 and Diesel Rs 93.20 per liter

Petrol in Bhopal Rs 105.99 and diesel Rs 97 per liter

Petrol in Jaipur Rs 104.44 and Diesel Rs 97.35 per liter

Know how much is the price in your city

You can also know the price of petrol and diesel through SMS. According to the Indian Oil website, you have to write RSP and your city code and send it to the number 9224992249. The code for each city is different, which you will get from the IOCL website.

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