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Paytm launches new feature, will know CIBIL Score in minutes


new Delhi: If you want to apply for a loan, then you have to know this CIBIL score Paytm Will also be found on the app. Actually, Paytm has launched a new feature for its users. With this, users will now be able to check CIBIL Score on Paytm. Users can see their credit report in detail. Credit reports for active credit cards and loan accounts can now be viewed on the Paytm app itself. Apart from this, users will also get the facility to compare credit ratings on their own and city, state or national level. This entire process can be completed in just three steps and it will take less than 1 minute. The special thing is that users will not have to pay anything for this facility.

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You will also get this information- Ways to fix credit score other than Paytm. What should be kept in mind for taking a loan and what are the benefits of a better credit score. You can also know about all these things.

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What is a credit score A CIBIL or credit score is a type of financial report card. This shows the health of a person’s credit. This 3 digit number, which is between 300 and 900, is known about the credit history and and responsible repair attitude. Also, it is easier to take a loan with the help of better credit score. If the credit score is 750 or more, then it becomes easy to get a loan.


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