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Kalyan Jewelers became the hallmark of success and credibility, today are among the richest people in Asia


new Delhi. Success is never easily met by a human being. Every person has to pay a huge price to get it. And in such a situation, the success story becomes more interesting when his name gets in the list of world’s richest person. One such person is named TS Kalyanaraman. Let us know what is the secret of the success of TS Kalyanaraman.


Started career in clothes shop

TS Kalyanaraman started his career from a small clothing shop. In addition to handling the shop, he also continued his studies. There were gold and silver shops around his clothes shop and after being surrounded by these gold and silver, he made his move towards this.


Gold and silver business changed fortunes

The result of which is that from their first start, the soil started spewing gold. And today this gold and silver-gold jewellery made him a billionaire.

Kalyan Jewelers currently has 105 showrooms in total which have opened across India and West Asia. Out of which 12 showrooms are in West Asia, the rest have spread to all parts of the country.


Many big movie stars were made brand ambassadors

Kalyan Jewelers has made many big movie stars their own brand ambassador (Kalyan Jewelers Brand Ambassador), whether it is Amitabh Bachchan or Prabhu Ganesh.


Equally, Kalyan Jewelers also promised 100 million per year to make Aishwarya Rai Bachchan kalyan jewellers brand ambassador a two-year brand ambassador.


After this, Sonam Kapoor emerged as the brand ambassador of Kalyan Jewelers in 2016.

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