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Jitendra is proud of his son Tusshar Kapoor, said- I was not even 1 percent of him as a father.


Jitendra is spending time in lockdown with his family and grand-daughter. Jitendra recently told during the interview that when he was busy with work, he could not give much time to his children. Regarding the lockdown, Jitendra said, “For me, there is not much change.” I did not go out of the house much for work anyway. So that’s all for me. ‘

Jitendra said, ‘I saw in this lockdown that when I was an actor I could not give much time to my children, but I notice that my son Tusshar is not like me at all. He gives his son full time. ‘

Please tell that Jitendra has worked from the 60s to the 90s. There was also a time when Jitendra had 9 films released in 1 year. Recalling those days, he said, ‘We used to work at one place from 7 in the morning till 1 in the afternoon and then from 1 in the evening till 5 in the evening and then from 6 in the evening to 10 in the evening. Used to work in a different place. Whenever we had only 2 shoots, we used to feel jobless and now look, people do 1 film in 1 year.

Jitendra further said, “Right now films are released on the same day everywhere, but earlier this did not happen. There was a movie two ways. It was Rajesh Khanna’s hit film. The film was first released in Mumbai and then 10 months later in Delhi. These days, the film ends in 2 weeks.

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Let me tell you that Jitendra was recently seen in daughter Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji series ‘Rain 2’. Through this series, he has made his debut in the digital world.

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