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If you have an account in this bank, then settle it before March 1, otherwise you will not be able to transact money


new Delhi. In the Corona era, many banks have made many changes in their functioning. Bank of Baroda is also going to change in this series. Actually, the IFC (IFSC) code is being changed by the bank. In such a situation, the customer needs to know about this before March 1 for the transaction. Without this, there can be problem in transaction of money. Information about this has also been given by tweeting from the bank.

If you need any information related to the IFSC code, you can call 1800 258 1700 at this toll free number. If you want, you can also visit the bank branch. Apart from this, customers can also take its details through message. For this, you have to type in your registered mobile number and send it to 8422009988. The bank tweeted that the old IFSC codes of e-Vijaya and e-Dena are going to be discontinued from March 1, 2021. The account holders who have accounts in these bank branches should obtain the new IFSC code from there.

What happens ifsc code
The initial four letters in the IFSC i.e. Indian Financial System Code indicate the name of the bank. It is used during electronic payment. Through this special code, any branch of the bank can be tracked. Changes in these will require a new code and checkbook from the bank.

These banks will also change code
Apart from Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank and United Bank of India are also changing their IFSC code. In such a situation, the customers of these two banks will be able to transact with the old code only till 31 March. After this it will not work.

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