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Gold Rate Today: Gold becomes expensive, know how much silver prices have increased


new Delhi. Recovering from last week’s fall, gold and silver prices are seeing a rise in Gold and Silver Price Today. Gold and silver price started in the futures market with a decline, but later both metals saw recovery. After three hours of trading, gold rate (Gold Rate Today) is seeing a rise of Rs 189 per ten grams. At the same time, the price of silver (Silver Price) is getting more than Rs 1800 per kg. According to experts, the corona virus cases ( coronavirus cases ) Is constantly increasing. The Russian vaccine is also undergoing Phase III trials. Only then will a decision be taken from WHO. Due to which, the price of gold and silver is increasing.

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Gold prices rise in futures market
First of all, if we talk about gold, it is getting faster. Gold is trading at Rs 52416 per ten gram on the futures market MCX by Rs 189 per ten gram on the basis of trading at 12 noon. Whereas today gold had reached a height of Rs 52416 per ten grams. Well today the beginning of sleep was cold. Today, gold opened in the futures market at Rs 52151 per ten grams as against Rs 52227 in the previous trading session. Which had gone to a low of Rs 52113 per ten grams. Let us tell you that gold has fallen by 6.50 percent in the futures market last week.

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Silver prices rise
On the other hand, when we talk about the price of silver, it is getting faster than Rs 1800. On the basis of 12 noon, the price of silver on the futures market MCX is trading at Rs 68989 per kg, rising by Rs 1818 per ten grams. While today silver also touched the level of 69236 rupees per kg. Whereas today silver started off quite lightly. Today silver opened at Rs 67106 per kg as compared to Rs 67171 per kg in the previous trading session, which went down to Rs 67030 per kg in the opening session.

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Gold and silver in foreign markets
In the US market, COMEX is trading at $ 1957.30 an ons, with a gain of $ 7.50 an ons. In European markets, gold is trading flat at 1,35 euros, with 1644 euros. In addition, gold is flat at 1488 pounds in London markets. On the other hand, on the silver, Comex is trading at $ 27 an ons, up by 3.17 percent. Whereas in the European and London markets, silver appears to be trading up by 2 per cent.


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