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Gold and Silver shine from New York to New Delhi in last one week, know how much the prices increased


new Delhi. From the domestic markets of the country to the US markets, there has been an increase in the brightness of gold and silver in the past week. The price of both precious metals has increased. There were ups and downs during the trading days, but the price was increased. The reason for this is the rise of Corona virus cases in the world and the growing dispute between the US and China were the two main reasons. On the other hand, there is still some delay in the arrival of the Corona vaccine. About which Bill Gates has also said. In such a situation, the price of gold and silver is likely to remain tempo.

How much gold became expensive in the domestic market
There has been an increase in the price of gold according to the trading days of the last one week. There is a need to look at it in two ways. The first is the difference between the September 11 high and the September 18 low. On September 11, gold was at Rs 51,224 per ten grams, while on September 18, gold prices reached a high of Rs 51,849. If you look at the difference between the two days, there is an increase of Rs 625 per ten grams. On the other hand, according to the closing price, gold had closed at Rs 51,720 per ten grams on the last Friday of the previous week and on September 18, gold had closed at Rs 51319 per ten grams. Gold has become expensive by Rs 401 per ten grams on both days.

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Silver also becomes expensive
On the other hand, the price of silver has also increased. There is a need to find out how expensive silver has become in the domestic market, like gold. On September 11, silver was at a low of Rs 67,613 per kg, while on September 18, silver touched a high of Rs 68,500 per kg. In this case, silver became expensive by Rs 887 per kg last week. On the basis of the closing, on the last trading day of the last week, silver had closed at Rs 67,928 and on September 18, silver had closed at Rs 68,202 per kg, on the difference, silver has become expensive by Rs 224.

Gold is expensive and silver is flat in foreign markets
At the same time, in the past week, the prices of gold and silver have seen many types of fluctuations. Talking about the data, on September 11, gold on the US futures market Comex was at $ 1947.90 an ons. While on Friday, gold prices have closed at $ 1962.10 an ons. During this period, the price of gold has increased by $ 14.20 per ons. While talking about the price of silver, there has been a flat level. While silver stood at $ 26.86 an ons on September 11, silver closed at $ 27.13 an ons on Friday. That is, during this time, the price of silver has increased by $ 0.27.


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