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Gold and silver fall drastically as soon as Pitra Paksha starts, know how much the prices have gone


new Delhi. On one date, the price of gold and silver was increased. While gold has crossed the 52 thousand level and silver has crossed the 73 thousand mark, since then, both the gold and silver have seen a huge decline in the domestic futures market. Pitrupaksha because of that. Gold and silver continued to fall until Friday due to the Pitrupaksha beginning on 2 September. The silver closed on the last trading day with an increase, but compared to September 1, it has fallen by more than Rs 37. According to experts, there may be a further decline in the price of gold and silver on the ancestral side. Until there is a big change in the international market. Let us also tell you how much the prices of gold and silver have increased from September 1 to the last business day of September 4.

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Gold prices down by Rs 1322
First of all, in the domestic market, gold has become cheaper by Rs 1322 per ten grams between September 1 and September 4. This is calculated based on the opening price of September 1 and the closing price of September 4. On September 1, gold opened at Rs 52,000 per ten grams and on September 4, gold closed at Rs 50,678 per ten grams. If you talk about the highest price of gold in a middle 4, then Rs 52,100 was seen. While gold was at a low of Rs 50,362.

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Fall in silver also
Although silver closed at Rs 300 per kg on Friday, but the month of September saw heavy pressure in silver. On Tuesday, one date, silver prices opened at Rs 71,000 per kg. On Friday, silver had closed at Rs 67,266 per kg. On this basis, silver has become cheaper by Rs 3734. At the same time, the highest level of silver has been seen at Rs 73,254 per kg in these four days. While silver has been seen at Rs 66,225 per kg.

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The decline may continue even further
According to Anuj Gupta, deputy vice president (commodity and research), Angel Broking, gold and silver purchases are seeing an impact due to ancestry. Due to which the prices are falling. In the coming days, the effect of ancestry in gold and silver can be seen in a similar way. Until the international market sees a big change, gold and silver can remain under pressure.


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