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Gold and silver became expensive after being cheap for two weeks, know how much prices


new Delhi. Prices rose in the third week after gold became cheaper in the first two weeks in the month of January. Between January 18 and January 22, gold became more expensive by Rs 400 in the Indian futures market. While the price of silver saw an inflation of 1850 rupees. By the way, if we take account of the whole of January, then gold and silver still remain cheaper than December. At the same time, some similar situation is being seen in the foreign market i.e. America. According to experts, gold and silver may be slightly cheaper in the coming days.

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Gold in Indian futures
– On January 15, the price of gold was Rs 48702 per ten grams.
– On January 22, gold prices closed at Rs 49140 per ten grams.
– That is, in a week, the price of gold became expensive by Rs 438 per ten grams.
– Whereas in the month of January, gold has become cheaper by Rs. 1011 per ten grams.

Increase in the price of silver
– On January 15, the price of silver was Rs 64764 per kg.
– On January 22, silver prices closed at Rs 66642 per kg.
– That is, silver became expensive by Rs 1878 per kg in a week.
– While silver has become cheaper by Rs 1463 per kg in the month of January.

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Gold and silver also become expensive in foreign countries
– In the first two weeks of January, gold prices fell by $ 71.7 an ons.
On January 1, gold had closed at $ 1901.60 an ons.
On January 15, 2021, gold closed at $ 1829.90 an ons.
– On January 22, 2021, gold closed at $ 1859.90 an ons.
– That is, the third week saw a rise in the price of gold by $ 30 an ons. – During the first fortnight of January, the price of silver was observed to fall by $ 1.43 per ons.
– When the market closed on January 1, 2021, silver was at $ 26.30 an ons.
– When the market closed on January 15, 2021, the price of silver came down to $ 24.87.
– On January 22, 2021, the price of silver came to $ 25.56 an ons.
– During one week, the price of silver increased by $ 0.69 per ons.

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