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Foreign investors withdraw 9 thousand crores from market in two weeks


new Delhi. In the month of July, due to increasing cases of Coronavirus, foreign investors sold heavily on the Indian stock market, debt and bond market in the last two weeks. Between July 1 and July 17, foreign investors withdrew more than 9 thousand crore rupees. According to experts, there was a boom in Indian markets among the corona virus, which foreign investors took advantage of and sold out. Let us also tell you what kind of figures have come out.

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FPI withdraws 9 thousand crores
FPI has sold heavily in Indian markets in July. He has withdrawn Rs 9,015 crore from the Indian stock market, debt and bond market from July 1 to July 17. The surge in markets amid rising cases of corona virus has given foreign investors a chance to reap profits, which has led to the sell off. According to the data, FPI has withdrawn Rs 6,058 crore from shares and Rs 2,957 crore from debt and debt bond market. Thus his net withdrawal has been Rs 9,015 crore.

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Investment of 24 thousand crores in June
Talking about the month of June, FPI had invested Rs 24,053 crore in Indian markets. According to experts, the boom in the market has given them an opportunity to book profits. Also, due to increasing cases of Corona virus, some states are putting fresh restrictions. With this, it is feared that the recovery in the domestic economy will take time. Let us tell you that in the coming days, the effect of corona virus can be seen on the stock market. On the other hand, the quarterly results of auto companies and other companies will also be watched by investors.


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