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Foreign investors’ confidence rises to 15-month high in June


– Foreign Investors invested 26 thousand crores in Share Market in June
– During March, April and May, there were many withdrawals from Foreign Investers.
– Last seen in March 2019 was huge investment of foreign investors

new Delhi. Even though the grading of the Indian economy by foreign agencies has been reduced, but the confidence of foreign investors has increased considerably. If you look at the foreign investors investment in the share market, then it has reached a 15-month high. These figures have come when foreign investors were withdrawing their money from the market for three consecutive months. In March, more than one lakh crore rupees were withdrawn from the market towards foreign investors.

26 thousand crores rupees came to market
Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have bought again in June after three consecutive months of selling for fear of the Kovid-19 epidemic. According to official information, FPI made a net purchase of $ 344.09 million or Rs 26,009.43 crore in the domestic capital market last month. Net buying is done by subtracting the amount of money that investors have withdrawn from the market from the money they put into the market. In the month under review, he bought shares worth $ 288.96 million while selling debt worth $ 20.43 million.

Foreign investors once again have increased confidence after February
For the first time since February, FPI has invested in the market. In March, he sold a net worth of $ 1,592.38 million. He withdrew $ 196.1 million in April and $ 97.25 million in May. FPIs have netted $ 1,399.91 million from the market in the first six months of this calendar year.

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