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Faceless Tax Scheme: What is Faceless Tax Scheme, know how taxpayers will get benefit


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What is Faceless Tax Scheme: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) has announced the Faceless Assessment Scheme on Thursday. The government has given huge relief to taxpayers under this scheme in the entire process of taxation. Under this, no-human contact is being promoted. Please tell that from September 25, Faceless E-Assessment service will start in the country.

Inaugurating the platform ‘Transparent Taxation – Honor for the Faithful’, PM Modi introduced three facilities Faceless Assessment, Faceless Appeal and Taxpayers Charter. While the Faceless Assessment and Taxpayers Charter has been implemented, the Faceless Appeal will begin on 25 September. For the first time in the country, the Taxpayers Charter has been issued. The PM said that the platform has major tax reforms like Faceless Assessment, Faceless Appeal and Taxpayers Charter.

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What is Faceless Tax Scheme
Explain that till now only the Income Tax Department of the city could investigate, now any state or city official can investigate anywhere. However, it will also be decided by computer that who will make the tax assessment. Also who will review. This will hurt those who misapply or do not pay taxes. The biggest advantage of this will be that there will not be any manipulation to create identity and pressure from the Income Tax authorities. Data analytics and artificial intelligence will be used for assessment.

What is faceless appeal
The faceless appeal will come into effect across the country from 25 September. This will also be done through computer. Under this, taxpayers will not be required to go before or in front of the Income Tax Officer. Also, no officer will know who is the person who appeals. If everything is decided by computer, a case or appeal cannot be sent to a loved one. This will make the system transparent.

What is Taxpayer Charter
PM Modi described the taxpayer charter as a big step in the country’s development journey. One has to believe the point of taxpayer. If there is any doubt, the taxpayer is now empowered to appeal and review. The charter also contains certain requirements from the tax payer. Modi said that giving tax and taking tax for the government is not a matter of right but it is the responsibility of both.

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