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Due to cold and farmer agitation, the prices of Damatar in Delhi-NCR increased twice, know the prices of other vegetables


new Delhi. In Delhi-NCR, prices of green vegetables, including onions and tomatoes, have increased by one-and-a-half times in the last two days due to the arrival of winter due to increasing winter and farmer agitation. However, the price of potato has come down. The retail price of onion was Rs 40 per kg in Delhi-NCR on Sunday, while the price had come down to Rs 25 per kg two days ago. Tomato prices have increased to double. The retail price of tomatoes was Rs 40 per kg on Sunday.

Tomato prices double
Model Town-based vegetable retailer Ashok Mahato said that a carat tomato where it was Rs 300 two days ago, there was a price of Rs 600 today. He said that the prices of onions and tomatoes, along with many other vegetables and fruits, have increased in the last two days due to rising cold and inward arrivals due to farmer agitation.

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Retail Prices of Vegetables in Delhi NCR

The vegetables Price (Rs. Per kg)
carrot 30
eggplant 30
bitter gourd 80
Cucumber 40
Gourd 30
tomatoes 40
Cauliflower 20
potato 20

There is no change in the price of potato and cauliflower
There has been no change in the prices of potato and cauliflower, while the prices of other vegetables and some fruits have also been recorded. The price of apples was Rs 120 and the price of orange was Rs 40 to 60 per kg.


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