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Diwali 2020: Sugar products lose their shine due to cow dung, fearing loss of 40 crores


new Delhi. The Indian market swells with Chinese products as soon as Diwali arrives. Bright light and colorful decoration products attract customers a lot. Due to their low rates, their sales were also tremendous, but this year the Indian market is dominated by diyas and other products made from cow dung items. This is causing a lot of damage to the Chinese market. According to a newspaper report, Beijing is expecting a loss of about Rs 40,000 crore due to Boycott of Chinese lights in India.

Under PM Narendra Modi’s Make in India project, diyas and other products made from cow dung and soil are being promoted. It will not only give a glimpse of Indian tradition, but this step will give new life to the dying skills of the craftsmen in the country. This will increase their livelihood. The National Kamdhenu Commission (RKA) has also taken the initiative in this regard. The commission has set a target to sell 33 crore diyas made from cow dung this Diwali.

Products made of cow dung will be found in 15 states
According to the National Kamdhenu Commission, in addition to Diwali Diyas in 15 states of the country, many other products made of cow dung will also be found. This will get rid of pollution. Also, the increase in sales of potters will bring smiles on their faces. The Commission says that they and other institutions will work together to reduce dependence on Chinese goods.


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