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Corona Crisis: 57 laborers were being towed in a truck home, they were charged 3000 rupees from each man


Painful pictures of a nationwide lockdown caused by the corona virus are now unfolding. Millions of migrant laborers are forced to leave the city and go to their respective villages. The strength of the helplessness of the workers is that now they want to reach their village under any circumstances. The laborers are walking towards their homes by being slammed on foot, bicycles and trucks. According to a report by NDTV, a truck packed with men, women and children stood there for several hours on the Mumbai-Nashik highway in Maharashtra. In the scorching heat of 40 degrees, this truck stood for about 5 hours and waited for people to come.

The truck carrying 57 migrant laborers was standing here from around 9 am. After traveling from Mumbai to Thane, the driver stopped the truck and wanted some more passengers to sit in it. People sitting in this truck somehow want to go to their state Uttar Pradesh. A fare of 3 thousand per person was charged in return for this journey from these people. The driver wanted to earn more and more money, so he was waiting for some more people.

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According to the report, this truck did not have space to stand. More than a dozen people were sitting on the roof of the truck. Still the driver was waiting for some more people. One driver said, “The driver wants to continue the journey but his truck owner is asking him to wait for more passengers.” When the driver was told that there was no room for more people in the truck, the driver said angrily, “What do you have to do with this, how do I take people.”

Thousands of workers are hiding in trucks. On Monday, 30 migrants going to Uttar Pradesh hiding under a large sheet of plastic in a truck from Maharashtra were caught by the police after traveling 1500 km. These laborers had traveled 1,500 km, dodging the police. But his luck did not support him in the evening and after a three-day visit, the police of Khatauli town caught him. Police said that the truck was covered with a tarpaulin which looked like it was carrying vegetables. He said that upon investigation, it was found that nine out of 30 migrant laborers were going to Muzaffarnagar and the rest to Aligarh.

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