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Buy gold today, Rs 9500 cheaper, otherwise it will be delayed


New Delhi. India’s futures market is not yet open on Wednesday, but gold has become cheaper by Rs 9500 from its highest level. In fact, before the market closed on Tuesday, there has been a huge fall in the price of gold and silver. If we talk about gold, then it has come down to Rs 47,000. While the price of silver has come down to 70 thousand rupees. If you were not yet able to buy gold due to expensive, you still have a chance. Otherwise in the coming days you may again see a phase of inflation.

Gold and Silver become cheaper
Gold and silver appeared cheaper after the Multi Commodity Exchange closed on Tuesday. First of all, if gold falls by Rs 380 per ten gram it closed at Rs 46,861 per ten gram. On Tuesday, gold reached a low of Rs 46,682 per ten grams. On the other hand, after the closing of the market, the price of silver became cheaper by Rs 811 per kg and came down to Rs 69,318 per kg. While silver reached Rs 68,350 per kg during trading level.

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Gold has become cheaper by Rs 9500
Since August 2020, there has been a sharp fall in the price of gold and silver. First of all, in August 2020, gold reached the highest level of Rs 56,191 per ten grams. If you compare the lower level since then, there is a difference of more than 9500 rupees. At the same time, in the month of August, silver came to the level of Rs 79,980 per kg. On Tuesday, silver touched a low of Rs 68,350 per kg. That is, during this period, the price of silver has become cheaper by Rs 11,630 per kg.

Gold and silver became cheaper in the international market
There is a decline in the price of gold and silver in the foreign market. On the US market Comex, gold is trading at $ 1791.40 an ons, down by $ 7.60. Whereas the gold spot is trading at $ 1793 per ons. On the other hand, silver is seen trading flat at $ 27.34 an ons. While the price of silver spot is $ 27.30 per ounce.


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