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Business Opportunity: Earn Rs 30,000 every month by making clay cups, the government is also helping


new Delhi.
Business Opportunity: Corona Epidemic ( coronavirus ) Is a major employment crisis. Millions of people became unemployed due to the lockdown. Due to the shutdown of the industry, people are hardly getting employment. In such a situation, some people are thinking of starting their own business. If you too are planning something similar, then we are telling you a good option. You can start this business with an investment of only 5000 rupees. Not only this, the government will also help you in starting it.

Clay cup business
Most people in the country prefer to drink tea-coffee in clay cups instead of plastic or steel cups, which we also call kulhar. It is also good for health as well as environment. However, the supply of these clay cups is not as complete as the demand. In such a situation, it can be a good way of doing business. According to experts, cups made of plastic can be harmful to both the environment and health. That’s why people drink tea-coffee in clay cups much better.

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Government help
The central government will also help you to start this business. Explain that the Central Government is running a potter empowerment scheme to promote the work of making clay cups or axes. Under this scheme, the government provides electric chalk to potter-making potters across the country. These chalk run on electricity. Not only this, the central government purchases these axes at a good price from the potters.

Earning 30 thousand every month
With a clay cup, you can earn 30 thousand a month. Let me tell you that the rate of these cups is 50 rupees per 100 kulhad. At the same time, the cost of such cups used in drinking lassi is Rs 150 per 100 kulhad. At the same time, the rate of small bowl of clay is Rs 100 per 100 cups.

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