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Bank Holidays: In June, these days banks will remain closed, seeing the list of holidays and do the necessary work.


New Delhi. The second wave of Corona virus (Second Wave of Coronavirus) has caused a lockdown in many parts of the country. In such a situation, almost all banks have given facilities of online service to their customers.

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During this period, customers are less needing to come to the branch. But still, if you have any urgent work, then know on which day your bank will be open next month. The bank is going to be closed for 9 days in June. You can tackle your important work by looking at the list of these holidays.

The holidays are decided according to the states

Bank Holidays List has been released by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In this, the holidays of all the banks are fixed according to the state. According to the RBI-issued holidays, the banks are scheduled to remain closed for a total of nine days in the month of June, including weekly holidays and official holidays. There is no major festival this time in the month of June. As such, there are only three local festivals in addition to the weekly holiday. Due to this, banks can remain closed only in a few states.

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Banks will remain closed these days

6,13,20 and falling on Sunday, 27 June. After this, there will be holidays due to the second Saturday on June 12 and the fourth Saturday on June 26. On June 15, banks will be closed in Mizoram and Bhubaneshwar on the occasion of Mithun Sankranti and Raj festival. Apart from this, on June 25, there is the birth anniversary of Guru Hargobind ji. Due to this, banks in Jammu and Srinagar will remain closed. Banks will remain closed in Mizoram on 30 June due to Remna Ni.

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