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Ankita Bhargava said the pain of losing her first child, said – I and Karan used to cry every night


TV actor Karan Patel and his wife Ankita Bhargava became the parents of a baby girl last year. At this time, both are spending a lot of time with their daughter, but Karan and Ankita had a bad time. Ankita’s first child was miscarried. Now, two years after this incident, Ankita has expressed the pain of losing the first child.

Ankita wrote on Instagram account, “Two years ago I had a miscarriage on this day. I was to go to Thailand for an ad shoot with my mother. He had consulted his doctor before that. Was very happy and healthy, but then I got miscarried. I do not know what went wrong with me, with my body or with my child, but just understood that I did not have the luck to even see the face of my first child. ”

“At first I and Karan did not understand how to get out of this pain. Initially, our approach was against each other. I wanted us to bear this pain together. They felt that my grief would increase with their pain. So whenever we were together, he would do a normal behavior to show me, but this was filled with more sadness in both of us.

He wrote, One day I told Karan that I want both of us to keep this pain together and face this pain together. We did the same. After this, the phase of getting everything right started. We used to cry a lot every night before going to sleep. We used to cry at the smallest thing. Whether it is an invitation to someone’s baby shower or the cry of a child crying on TV.

The actress further said that for the people of the world, we were recovering fast but only Karan and I knew that a piece of our heart has been completely destroyed. Our family and friends were very supportive in this hour of grief. But for me my husband was the biggest strength. He was always with me.

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