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After the budget, there is a continuous boom in the market, you can get better profit by investing


new Delhi. If you want a good return by investing 5-10 lakhs, then this is the best time. About this, market experts are saying that the four best fortfolios of investment. The stock market has continued to rise since the budget was presented. Since February 1, the Sensex and Nifty have gained more than 10 percent. The Sensex has gained over 5000 points. Experts say that if there is a plan to invest in shares, this is the right time, but after the fall in the stock market, investing will make more sense.

Stock market will give new height
Global market signs are positive. The market can touch new heights.

Will remain fast
If the Nifty touches the figure of 15,400, then investors should invest keeping in mind the fall to 14,400. The stock market is expected to rise further due to the good quarterly results of institutional investors.
Mutual Fund and SIP –
If a person has to invest 100 rupees, then he should invest 25 rupees in equity. Invest the remaining amount after 3 to 6 months. Investing in mutual funds and SIPs is a good option.
Investment by age
The golden rule of investing in equity is 100 minus your age for good risk-adjusted returns in the long term.
Multiple Choice Investment –
Apart from the stock market, investing money in gold and real estate can also earn big profits.


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