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After TCS, this company of Ratan Tata made the earnings of people, know how the profits are being made


new Delhi. There are several Tata group companies, ranging from TCS to Tata Coffee. On Monday, the shares of Tata Telecom Services, the largest company of Ratan Tata, gave a chance to earn common investors. On Monday, the company’s shares had jumped 7 percent. Today Tata Motors, the company that makes Ratan Tata’s vehicles, has given a chance to the common investors to earn. The company’s shares have seen a jump of up to 8 per cent. Whereas Tata Motors shares have seen a jump of up to 10% in 5 days. Let us also tell you why Tata Motors shares are seeing a boom.

Tata shares up 8 percent
Talking about Tata Motors shares, it is trading at Rs 142.65 with a gain of 7.54 per cent i.e. Rs 9.95 at 12.30 pm. While the company’s stock reached an all-time high of Rs 145 today. Whereas, it opened at Rs 137.80, up by about Rs 4 from Monday. While the company’s stock closed at Rs 133.90 on Monday. According to the data, the company’s stock has seen a rise of more than 10 percent in the last five trading sessions.

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Big boom seen in market cap
On the other hand, the market cap of the company has also seen a big boom. The increase in the share price during the trading session has resulted in an increase of about Rs 3000 crore in the market cap of the company. According to the data, the company market cap currently stands at Rs 44326.78 crore. While the market was closed on Monday, the company’s market cap on BSE was Rs 41361.36 crore. In such a situation, you can see that there has been an increase of Rs 3000 crore in the market cap.

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The reason for the rise in the company’s shares
According to the information, the biggest reason for the rise of the company was a 53 percent increase in Jaguar Land Rover sales. In fact, Jaguar Land Rover sales figures have been presented to the company. According to the data, Jaguar sales stood at 1.13 lakh units in the second quarter. Whereas during the quarter from April to June, 74,067 units were sold. After the sales data, the company’s shares are seeing a boom in the stock market.


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