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After 30 years, you will get 4 crores, just have to invest here, know full information


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Mutual Funds Investment: Everyone aspires to become a millionaire. There are many such options in the market, but Invest in Mutual Fund is the golden key that will help you become a millionaire. You can become a millionaire by investing a few bucks every month. However, for this you will have to invest for a long period. Let us tell you that mutual fund is the best and best way to invest, if you invest through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), then it will prove beneficial. According to mutual fund experts, you can earn Rs 4 crore by investing for 30 years.

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This is how millionaires can become
SIP Systematic Investment Plan: To become a millionaire you have to invest for a long time. Let us tell you that you should start investing by estimating inflation rate, expenditure and expenditure on medical services.

How to invest
For this if a person starts investing at the age of 30. So for 30 years he has a regular investment opportunity. For this, the person should invest in the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of equity mutual funds. SIP is the best option for mutual fund investors, who cannot invest large amounts simultaneously. However, due to the Corona crisis, the returns of mutual fund schemes have decreased, so all the information related to the schemes should be obtained first. If one invests in Mutual Fund with a 15% return (estimated) for 30 years, he can become a millionaire soon. Because, in these 30 years, they will also get the benefit of compounding with fixed 15%. Also, a step-up rate of 10% has to be maintained every year. This will increase their savings amount to crores.

This is how millionaires will be made
You will need to invest Rs 100 every day in SIP. For this, you will have to invest for 30 years. After 30 years, your maturity amount will be Rs 4,50,66,809. According to the mutual fund calculator, in 30 years the investment invested a total of 59,17,512 rupees. At the same time, his wealth increased to 3,91,49,297. In this way, you can become a millionaire by using the step-up rate trick.

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