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7th Pay Commission: Relief for central employees doing night duty, increased salary from July


new Delhi. Following the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, Modi government (Modi Govt) has given a big relief to the central employees (Salary of Government employees). Now those who do Night Duty will be given a separate Allowance. This allowed them allowance based on grade pay. Under the new system, the salary of workers will be increased. According to the information, the increased salary will begin to match with the salary of July. Instructions have already been issued by the Department of Personnel regarding this arrangement. Let us also tell you what kind of benefits the central employees will get from this decision of the Center.

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10 minutes weightage will be given every hour
Under the new system, a weightage of 10 minutes will be given for each hour. According to the government, night duty is considered from 10 am to 6 am. Basic pay ceiling for night duty allowance has been kept at Rs 43,600 per month.

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Night allowance will be obtained from this formula
According to the information, the formula for giving allowance has also been kept slightly different under the new system. According to experts, the payment of new night allowance will be decided on an hourly basis. Which would be equal to dividing the total of basic pay and dearness allowance by 200. Calculation of basic pay and dearness allowance will be based on the seventh pay commission. This formula will be applied to employees of all ministries and departments.

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