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24 carat gold bought for just 1 rupee, many companies including Paytm are giving opportunity


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Gold Price Latest Price is touching the sky. Investment in Gold is continuously increasing. The price of gold has reached above 50 thousand. Everyone wants to buy gold, but not everyone can buy gold. But when one gets a chance to buy gold for one rupee, hardly anyone will want to lose it. Strange to hear, but many e-Wallet companies, including Paytm, are offering an opportunity to buy gold for one rupee.

You can buy 24 carat 99.9 purity gold for one rupee, which you can also sell later. The gold purchased on your Paytm is kept in a safe locker. Paytm also offers the option to bring gold home. That is, after buying gold, you can get it home. The best thing is that you can start buying gold with one rupee. You can also sell it for a hefty return.

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24 carat gold for 1 rupee
You can buy gold for one rupee from Paytm Gold. For this, you have to click on the Gold option on the Paytm app. Here you can buy gold. This gold will be safe in the locker of MATC-PMP. Apart from buying, you can also sell gold.

How to buy gold
Through Paytm’s digital gold, you can buy gold ranging from 0.0005 grams to a maximum of 50 grams. Where the gold price of 0.0005 grams can be 1 rupee. However, it does not include other charges including tax. In this case, you can take complete information from Paytm before purchasing. After buying gold, it can also be kept in the digital locker of Paytm or you can also buy it at home.

Also available on PhonePe
Along with Paytm, PhonePe is also offering an opportunity to buy gold for 1 rupee. The special thing is that you can also sell gold here. However, to sell it, a person must have at least 5 rupees of gold. Gold can be bought and sold during the day. You can get detailed information on PhonePe by taking this.


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