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12 months is earned from dairy, government will also help to start business


new Delhi: The work of milk-curd i.e. Dairy Business is such that it runs every month. Not only in the crisis like cold, heat and rain but also in Corona, this business was not lost. Meaning, its demand remained constant. At the same time, demand for milk and dairy products remains constant even in normal condition. So if you also want to start a new business, then you can consider the dairy industry. Under the government’s Mudra Scheme scheme, you can set up a manufacturing unit of a dairy product. The government will provide you a lot of help for the dairy business.

The Central Government has implemented the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme- DEDS. Under this scheme, a person doing animal husbandry is provided a subsidy of 33.33% on the total project cost. Under DEDS, you can start a business with just 10% of the money. However, the government is also helping the dairy business through the currency scheme. And today we will tell you about the help provided under the Mudra Scheme.

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How much will the government help? Under Mudra loan Yojna, the government helps small entrepreneurs to start businesses and includes the dairy industry. If you want to set up a project of 16 lakhs, then you will only need 5 lakh rupees because the government will give 70 percent loan. You can make and sell flavored milk, curd, butter milk and ghee in Dairy Products.

Infrastructure is very important You should have 1000 square feet of space for the dairy business. To create a processing area of ​​500 square feet, a 150 square feet of refrigeration room, a washing area of ​​150 square feet, 100 square feet of office space, and some space for the toilet will also be needed.

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How much will be the benefit According to the project profile of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Scheme, in a year you can sell about 75 thousand liters of flavored milk, in addition to selling about 36 thousand liters of curd, 90 thousand liters of butter milk and 4500 kg of ghee. . This will give you a turnover of about 82.50 lakh rupees. In which you will have a costing of about 74 lakh rupees, while you can save about 8 lakhs even after deducting 14 percent interest.

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