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10Gbps Internet Speed for Residential User from SingTel in Singapore


Downloading 2 hour long movies is no more a pain as 10Gbps speed allows the same in 90 seconds and a 4K quality movie of the same length in six minutes.

SINGAPORE: SingTel, a major telecom service provider in Singapore is all set to serve its customers with a broadband service that is of a high speed of 10Gbps. This offer will be incorporated into residential broadband services and will be the fastest ever optical fiber internet broadband service in Singapore.

Elaborating the features of the service, SingTel revealed in a Press Release dated February 03rd 2016, that it will be employing its Next Generation 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network. The new introduction was indeed expected to be launched the previous year soon after conducting trials on a set of residences during May 2015.

This high speed internet service from SingTel came to light following the 10Gbps scheme for business connections from M1 during August 2015. Later on, Viewqwest put forward a scheme for residential users of Singapore. The internet service provided was of speed 2Gbps.

One of the spokespersons from M1 had also said, “Is ready and will be launched soon” when enquired about their 10Gbps GPON optical fiber service for residences. Other places where internet service of similar speed is being provided already are the USA and South Korea. It now takes a couple of minutes to download a complete movie in the best available quality and resolution.

In order to put the service into complete usage and get the best out of it one has to get a cable connection between the computer’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet port and a 10G Optical Network Router. In case there is an absence of the Ethernet port, it can be substituted by 4 1Gbps ports.

Mr. Goh Seow Eng, the MD for Home and Consumer Singapore at SingTel said, “We recognize that residential customers are using greater bandwidth and requiring faster speeds for their online activities.” he also added, “Our 10Gbps Fibre Home Bundle will offer households the fastest fibre broadband experience in Singapore.”

The monthly bill comes to S$189 and the initial installation involves a 10Gbps Fiber Home bundle that consists of a wireless Dual-Band AC router and a 10G optical network router. Interested customers are also given an option to register for the product online between February 3rd 2016 and February 15th 2016.

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