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Zomato may launch its IPO by next year, CEO emails employees


new Delhi. Zomato is now working on a plan to make food deliveries with Dele too soon. Earnings made by the company’s CEO and Founder Deepinder Goyal in an email said that the company will make its first half of next year. May bring IPO. It is not clear whether the IPO will be brought in the Indian stock market or in the US market. If the company brings its IPO, it will be the first consumer based IPO IPO to come to India. Let us also tell you what kind of email has been done by the CEO of Jomato.

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Jomato will bring IPO
Food delivery company Jomato is expected to launch its IPO by next year. Infomage holds about 23 per cent stake in Zomato. The current valuation of Zomato is $ 3.5 billion. The founder and CEO of Zomato has told his low-profile email via email that the company is also planning future mergers and acquisitions. According to Goyal, the company’s cash in the bank has been around $ 250 million. Which is by far the highest. Tiger Global, Temasek, Bailey Gifod ü and Ant Financial have also funded. More names are being added to the funding right now. The bank’s cash is expected to be $ 600 million soon.

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IPO will come in the first half of next year
In his email from Deepinder Goyal, he said that his legal and financial team is busy preparing for an IPO in the first half of next year. The business has gained momentum due to the low labor costs of the company. They hope to create a big value for those few चार fours of ours, who will be allotted ISOPS sometime next year. Explain that Internet based company Infoage has a shareholding in Jomato. InfoEase also owns Naukri.com.


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