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You will get a pension of 3000 rupees for depositing 55 rupees every month, know how you can avail


new Delhi. Millions of people are realizing the importance of money in Coronavirus Era. It is in everyone’s mind that if we had invested money in time and invested as savings for the future, then we would not have to face shortage in times of crisis. Especially for those who have retired, who neither get any kind of pension nor any other means of income. Today we are going to tell you about one such scheme, in which you can get a pension of 3000 thousand rupees every month after the age of 60 by depositing a small amount of 55 rupees every month. The name of this scheme is Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana. In this scheme launched last year, 39 lakh people have registered so far (Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana Registration). Any citizen working in the informal sector can avail this scheme. The age of which is required to be between 18 and 40 and the salary should not be more than 15 thousand rupees per month.

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How much investment is required at what age
Under this scheme, to get a pension of Rs 3000 every month after the age of 60 years, a minimum deposit of Rs 55 and a maximum of Rs 200 per month is required. If the investor is 18 years old, then you have to invest Rs 55. At the age of 29, you will have to invest Rs 100 every month and at the age of 40, you will have to contribute Rs 200 every month. After which you will invest continuously, after the age of 60, you will be given a monthly pension of 3000 rupees.

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Can apply in this way
– To register for Pradhan Mantri Shramayogi Maandhan Pension Yojana, one has to visit the nearby Common Service Center.
– Aadhar card and savings account or Jan Dhan account is to be given along with IFSC code.
For proof, you can also show passbook, checkbook or bank statement in the center.
At the time of opening an account, you can also register a nominee to your partner or anyone.
– If all your details are recorded in the computer then you will get complete information about monthly contribution.
– You have to make your initial contribution in cash.
After opening the account, you will get the card of Shram Yogi.
You can also get complete information of this scheme on 1800 267 6888 toll free number.
If you forget to contribute to the scheme in a month, you will have to pay interest along with the interest.
– If you want to withdraw your money within 10 years from the date of joining this scheme, then your money will be returned along with the interest rate of the savings account.


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