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Yami Gautam said: Don’t know when the Bollywood industry returns to the track


The whole world has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus epidemic and everyone is affected by it. Actress Yami Gautam has also said that she does not know when the shooting of the films will resume as it is unlikely that the Kovid-19 will end even after the lockdown is removed.

How does she see the future of the entertainment industry after the epidemic, and how is the industry going to change? Yami while answering this question in a special conversation said, “The budget will be reworked. Already, work is being done on the budget and mediums of the proposed films as theaters are closed and there is no idea about when they will open. Of course, films that have a moderate budget have a chance to release their films on digital platforms. “

Yami says that at this time he is getting offers only for projects made for digital sector.

He said, “I have films coming up with the proposal that these are for digital platforms only. This change is already visible. We do not know when we will start shooting because even after the removal of the lockdown, it does not appear that the coronavirus will be overcome. “

He further said that new guidelines and restrictions may apply.

Yami says, “We still have to follow protocols, precautions and new guidelines. We just have to wait and wait. Safety is the most important thing. I don’t think things will be natural soon. “

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Regarding the budget, the actress said, “Considering the impact on the economy globally, the budget is definitely being worked on and will be reduced. Talking about the content, I can hope that people are using this free time to write good and new ideology stories for films. I hope that we will become more powerful in this field in the times ahead. ”

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