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US White House to Implement Blockchain Technology


United State: The US White House Office of Management and Budget on June 6th has disclosed the draft – ‘Federal Data Strategy Action Plan’which was awaited for a long time. And the main agenda or the action plan of this draft is to implement the ‘President’s Management Agenda’.

This ‘President’s Agenda’ basically identifies the data, accountability with transparency as the key driver of the transformation. To use the identified data effectively, the data has to be understood in how it can be used in improving the services for citizens. The experts have suggested the White House invest in blockchain technology to manage the data.

Federal Data Strategies offers a balanced and comprehensive approach in extracting value from the entire Federal Government data asset portfolio while protecting the security, privacy and confidentiality and addressing the issues such as risk and utility models, secondary data use, tiered access.

Blockchain technology is the latest technology which has got famous through cryptocurrencies and researchers have been researching in ways the technology could be useful. As per the report by the Data Foundation and Booz Allen Hamilton, “As the federal government moves forward in developing a federal data strategy, consideration can be given to how blockchain might enable better recognizing data as a strategic asset for the government.” The researchers have also added, “A blockchain can bring a wider circle of participants into a project that produces open data for public use.”

The federal agency wants to implement new age digital resources like blockchain for more effective rather than the traditional ways. Many of the federal agencies are already testing the blockchain technology with many of the applications such as arranging the required necessity items in the crisis zones, tracking of the food supply chain, improvement of border security etc. And the results of the test have received mixed reviews. And the officials have requested the US government to adopt the blockchain technology. We might expect more and more operations and programs by the US government on the blockchain technology.

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