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While driving abroad, you can get driving license renewed, Ministry asked for suggestions from people


For driving any vehicle, you have to get a driving license. Driving a license without a license is an offense punishable by traffic rules. If the license expires and the vehicle runs, then you have to pay a fine. There are many ways to renew a driving license, with the help of which we can get the license renewed easily. Today, we will tell you that you will be able to renew your driving license easily even while living abroad. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has prepared to simplify the process of renewal (renewal) when the expiry of the International Driving Permit (IDP) period of such citizens while abroad.

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Ministry asked for suggestions from people
Proposed to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989. The Ministry has appealed to the people to give their suggestions for amendment. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways says that it has come to the notice that no arrangement has been made for renewal of the International Driving Permit at the end of its stay while abroad. CMVR 1989 is proposed to be amended to facilitate such citizens. Citizens can apply through the Indian Embassy or Mission Abroad Portals and after that the application will go to the concerned RTO for consideration.

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Medical certificate and terms of a certified visa removed
According to one report, the terms of a medical certificate and the terms of a certified visa are also included at the time of requesting for an IDP while abroad. Citizens who have a certified driving license should not require other medical certificates. Additionally, there are some countries where Visa on Arrival. In such cases, visa is not available at the time of applying for IDP in India before travel. This amendment of the Motor Act will make it easier for many people to get driving renewed.

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