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Where did Mukesh Ambani invest 2 lakh crores in the last 3 months


new Delhi: One cannot doubt Mukesh Ambani’s skill of earning money or simply making money. With the kind of heights that Ambani has touched in the last decade, you must have wondered what is the investment strategy of Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance Industries raised Rs 53,124 crore through a rights issue, while Rs 1.52 lakh crore was raised by selling stake in the Jio platform. It is now reported that Mukesh Ambani has invested about Rs 35,000 crore in debt mutual funds out of the money received from selling stake in Jio platform and rights issue.

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Actually, these funds of Ambani have been put in Debt Mutual Fund’s Ultra Short and Money Market Fund. Also, some money has been invested in other focused funds.

Market experts say that in recent times we have seen a significant amount in debt mutual funds. Money has come from a big business house in the country. Let me tell you that money is kept for a short time in the money market, but it gives good returns. This is the reason why experts say that the company may have kept these money in mutual funds for a short time. These money will be withdrawn whenever it is needed.

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Let me tell you that by selling the rights issue and stake, the company has freed itself from debt long before the time. Recently the company has revealed its future plans at its 43rd AGM. With that, the company launched its new glass.

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