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When Robert Trump swore not to work with brother Donald Trump


new Delhi. At a hospital in New York City on the night of August 15 US President Donald Trump Robert Trump’s youngest brother (American President Donald Trump) passed away. He was in ICU for a long time. Information about the causes of death has not been given. Robert Trump was closest to Donald Trump, being the youngest of siblings. Donald Trump considered him his best friend, but there was a time when there was a rift between the two brothers due to loss of business. Donald Trump had blamed Robert Trump for the loss. After which Robert Trump had vowed not to work with Donald.

Robert Trump was the youngest of five siblings
Robert Trump was the youngest in the family. Together they had five siblings. Including his elder brother Donald Trump. How close Donald and Robert were can be gauged from the fact that Donald Trump had said that Robert is a very quiet and relaxed person and that his life Robert is the only person he calls Honey. He was three years younger than Trump. After his death, Donald Trump said that Robert was not only my brother, but also my best friend. I will miss him very much, but we will meet once again. His memories will always be fresh in my heart.

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Started career on Wall Street
Off his family business, Robert Trump started his career in a different way. According to foreign media reports, Robert Trump started with corporate finance in Wall Street. He joined his father’s real estate business after a few years. He also handled several companies of Donald Trump and was a Robert President in Trump Management. Also included in the board directors of ZeniMax Media. He was also invested in shirt LCC. According to media reports, he played a very important role in the campaign of Brother Donald Trump’s Presidential Election in 2016, making Duriya out of the media.

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When I had vowed not to work with Donalt Trump
It is not that Donald Trump and Robert Trump have never had any sourness or distance. Gwenda Blair’s book ‘The Trumps: Three Generations that Built an Empire’, which wrote the biography of the Trump family, states that the matter dates back to the 1980s. Donald Trump was chosen by Donald Trump to oversee the Atlantic City casino project. Donald Trump said at the time that Robert was perfect for the job. But the casino business sank. After which Donald Trump was responsible to Robert. According to Blair, when the slot machines of the Taj Mahal Casino got jammed on the opening weekend, Donald Trump strongly condemned Robert Trump. After which Robert left and never worked for his brother again.


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