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WhatsApp Trouble Lands 200mn Users Information at Risk


The details of more than 200 million users of WhatsApp web service were under threat of being hacked after a technical bug was discovered by a security company Check Point based in Israel. As reported by a researcher from the security company, hackers can easily access browser of a WhatsApp Web user by sending a contact number in a vCard (virtual card) format. Once the user opens the card, the malware program broadens and makes the user’s desktop accessible to the hackers.

The report released by Check Point stated, “This message appears legitimate, like any other contact card; most users would click on it immediately without having a second thought.”
Further, he added, “The implication of this innocent action is downloading a file which can run arbitrary code on the victim’s machine.”

Considering the seriousness of the issue reported on August 21, WhatsApp launched an updated version of the web-based service on August 27 to solve the problem. However, the details of the latest updates were disclosed on Tuesday. WhatsApp had launched the web application for the Windows and Android users earlier this year. For iPhone users, it was released previous month.

For the web users, it’s highly necessary to upgrade their accounts by logging into this application. In a few seconds, the account will be updated with latest changes. “Thankfully, WhatsApp responded quickly and responsibly to deploy an initial mitigation against exploitation of this issue in all web clients, pending an update of the WhatsApp client,” cited the report.

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